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At Cullen & Associates we understand that farming isn't just about making a living – It's a way of life. We offer a variety of comprehensive and customizable options to meet the insurance needs of your farm operation. You will work with an experienced agent that has personal experience in farming. Cullen & Associates can tailor a policy to cover your dwelling, personal and farm property, farm liability, outbuildings, equipment, livestock, and much more. You can rest assured that the product of your hard work will be protected from the many inevitable situations that can arise on your farm.


Dwelling Coverage

Provides protection for your home and any attached structures for all accidents and perils covered under your policy. Dwelling coverage also includes a personal liability limit of coverage. Your personal liability helps pay for legal services, medical expenses, and other expenses that you may be held liable for in the event of a lawsuit.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage from Cullen & Associates covers losses to your personal belongings and items used in your daily farm operations. This could include items from appliances and clothing to equipment and tools. An independent agent at Cullen & Associates will work with you to determine a coverage amount that is right for you.


Farm Livestock Coverage

The health and well being of the animals on your farm directly impacts your bottom line. Livestock, like your home, your machinery, and crops, are a financial asset. You have made a big investment in purchasing livestock, and we will work with you to make sure they are covered adequately. Cullen and Associates can protect you and your farm from financial losses in the event that your livestock is harmed in a covered accident. Your livestock coverage needs will be very specific to your operation, so it is important that you work with an insurance professional that can match you with the right coverage at the right price. Contact us today to receive a quote.


Farm Equipment Coverage

At Cullen & Associates we are dedicated to the success of your farm. We know that you rely on your equipment and machinery to operate efficiently. Today, the investment in farm equipment is a large one, and damage to that equipment can cost you precious time and money. That is why offer a variety of equipment coverage that will protect your machinery in the event of an accident. Call us today for a no cost review of your farm equipment coverage.


Crop Insurance

Crop production in the mid-west is full of uncertainty. From natural disasters and the swings in the economy to disease and insects, there are many variables that come into play that can affect the success of your crop. With the correct Crop Insurance coverage, you can protect your farm from the unforeseen vulnerabilities that effect your business.  


  • Yield Production Coverage: Covers losses to your crops arising from natural disasters such as flood and drought and other perils like disease and insects

  • Revenue Production Coverage: Covers negative changes in crop prices during the growing season

  • Crop Hail Insurance:  Covers damage to crops from hail and pays the percent of loss multiplied by the insured value per acre

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